About us

The West African College of Surgeons, Johnson & Johnson and International Aid collaborated to found the Medical and Surgical Skills Institute in Accra, Ghana. Formerly called the Surgical Skills Training Center, the institute has grown into a successful consortium of partners, including key corporate donors, medical professionals and associations, teaching hospitals worldwide and governmental organization The objective of MSSI is to train healthcare professionals in modern healthcare techniques and technology aimed at delivering improved healthcare services of word class standard. In addition to providing medical and surgical skills training, MSSI offers medical equipment resources to course participants. MSSI has a dedicated faculty from several advanced institutions who provide practical, clinical and academic training for trainees who participate in courses in our well-equipped facilities at Korle-Bu, Ghana.

Training Programme

The number of participating delegates ranges between 8 and 25, depending on the type of course. For courses that require theater sessions, the training is carried out in pairs at each work station. This small grow allow the trainer/facilitator to concentrate on each individual and thus optimize the success of the course

Training Techniques

The MSSI has on its instructors team accomplished persons who have immense experience in both theory and practical aspects of areas of instruction. Specialists and consultants from the University of Ghana Medical school are at times brought in to teach and demonstrate areas of a course they are best suited. Our training programs uses the principles of: (Tell me, I forget. Show me, I remember. Involve me, I understand) MSSI training mediums are: Videos lectures in our recently renovated fully equipped modern lecture halls, demonstration in our fully equipped nursing demonstration rooms, and actual practice in the hospital`s department related to the training.



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